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Suits renewed for 9th & final season + trailer for "Pearson" spinoff starring Gina Torres

USA has renewed Suits for a 9th and final season consisting of 10 episodes.

Pearson is centered on powerhouse lawyer Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) as she adjusts to the dirty world of Chicago politics.
Additional cast members for Pearson include: Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill) as Keri Allen, a driven, ambitious city attorney serving as unofficial right hand to the mayor; Chantel Riley (Wynonna Earp) as Angela Cook, a certified Nursing Assistant who's suspicious of her cousin Jessica’s sudden altruism; Isabel Arraiza (The Oath) as Yoli Castillo, Jessica’s passionate assistant who will learn from the best how to most effectively channel her intensity; and Eli Goree (Riverdale) as Derrick Mayes, Bobby’s young press secretary and a former journalist, who got into politics to make a difference but struggles with the reality of what it takes to do so.

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