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Lady Gaga Stuns in 'Jazz & Piano' Vegas Show

- While Gaga has a pop-oriented "Enigma" show in Vegas for her own discography, she also has a set dedicated to jazz and piano stemming from her collaboration album Cheek to Cheek with Tony Bennett, and general love for the genre

- The ensembles are classy, the staging is simple yet grand, and the arrangements of her own hits (she performed Poker Face, Born This Way, Paparazzi, and Bad Romance acoustically) seamlessly fit into the tone of the show. Some fans also think it might be better than the Enigma show

- Gaga shared with the crowd that MGM was skeptical about Gaga's vision to perform jazz sets, but proved them wrong when those shows sold out faster. (5 additional dates were added last month)

- There are interludes in the show featuring Gaga talking about jazz and its roots, while some fans speculate an instrumental version of her 12 year old song "Captivated" is playing in the background of these videos

- She closes the show with "New York New York" and "Fly Me To the Moon" in a tux, likely a tribute to former Vegas performer Frank Sinatra

- Check out the links for setlists and videos from the concert. The next shows are on February 3rd, June 2nd, 9th, & 15th, October 20th & 26th, and November 3rd & 9th

Gaga performing a jazz rendition of "Paparazzi"

[The engaged] Gaga humping (?) [the married] Brian.

Gaga covering George Gershwin's "Someone Who Will Watch Over Me" - a song she's covered over the years.

Talking about jazz.

Class, grace, solid live vocals, performing skills, stage presence, etc.

Is JAZZga here to stay?

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Tags: concert / tour dates, lady gaga, live performance, music / musician

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