Set (setsuna16) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Gue$$ Who: The Legit Edition

So, I just came back from a busy, busy weekend... and I had a wonderful encounter with famous people! And yes, my face is edited out. It's to save the masses. But anyway... who the famous people?

 photo Sasha Bayley_LI_zps4jple57h.jpg

It's SASHA BANKS and Bayley!

Also, I wore the Pluto shirt because Sasha loves Sailor Moon like me, and I wanted to rep my fave Senshi while meeting my fave wrestler. I was also wearing my Luigi sweater, tied to my waist, because Bayley was a celeb participant in last year's Nintendo World Championship. This was all in between attending both Takeover and the Rumble.

The encounter was brief (two minutes would be an overestimation of how much time I got to spend talking to them), but I got to tell Sasha she was my favorite ever and she thanked me and then we hugged, so, you know... worth it.

Source: Me and a significant portion of my checking account
Tags: guess who, sports / athletes - wrestling

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