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Riverdale Roundup: Kelly Ripa as Hiram's Mistress, Leaks, Photoshoots, and More

Jughead goes snooping in the affairs of Hiram's alleged mistress and gets a gun in the face.


Madelaine covers Marie Claire Malaysia. There was an interview but nothing new was really said





Last week, a Russian fansite started releasing random screenshots from the screener that's provided to tv journalists, and they've done it again for this coming episode.

-A picture of Josie helping (drunk??) Archie
-Hermione (??) about to fuck former Sheriff Minetta, who last we heard had been decapitated, but who knows
-Sheriff Jones with Alice in a spiffy blazer as they're about to meet with Madame Mayor Lodge
-Reggie and Veronica in a car riding off to burn shit


Madelaine wasn't actually at Sundance, but her social media architect was, and she was in a panel about how Madelaine's YouTube channel helped her image.

Because people are dumb, they assumed Madelaine was just as much of a "brat" as Cheryl. When she started her YouTube channel though, that perception changed. "[The YouTube channel] flipped the script for us how she talks to her fan base,” said Lauren Fortner. “There’s a big responsibility for Madelaine: Every Wednesday we put out a video, and if we don’t, we see it and hear from her audience. Something we learned over the past year is being a good social listener and not being afraid of asking your audience for help. It’s like cheating, but it makes them tell you what they want.”


Vanessa Morgan in Rogue Magazine



Madchen at the premiere for TNT's new limited series "I Am the Night"


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