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Katy Perry to return to music this year with Zedd collaboration “365”

Rumors have been swirling over the past few days that Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, better know as Katy Perry, will be returning to music much sooner than expected. Last year, the “Roulette” singer admitted she was taking a break from music after her last studio album Witness failed to achieve similar success to previous albums. The song is a collaboration with EDM producer & DJ Zedd titled “365.”

Last year during an interview Zedd had this to say about Hudson, “I’m always relatively open about the fact that I make a lot of music with people. It doesn’t always come out. But we’ve been working. And still wanting to release a song with her. I’ve always wanted to. So if we all get lucky maybe we’ll finish a song, and it will come out.” The song will allegedly drop on February 7th but has yet to be officially confirmed by a reliable source.

ONTD, do you think Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson will make a successful comeback to Pop music with another hit?

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Tags: katy perry, music / musician (electronic), rumors / gossip, what is the truth

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