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Mindy Kaling's 'Late Night' Premieres at Sundance, Acquired by Amazon for $13 Million

  • The Mindy Kaling written Late Night made its debut at Sundance to excellent reviews and an immediate pickup by Amazon for a record breaking $13 million dollar sale for the North American rights.

  • Kaling and Emma Thompson star in the Nisha Ganatra directed film. Thompson plays a long-running late night talk show host with slipping ratings. Her character thinks of herself as being from the old school, and hasn't caught up with the changes to the genre - which is where Kaling's character comes in.

  • Ganatra understood Kaling's references and point-of-view, and brought her own images to the table, and they clicked right away.

  • Mindy references the idea that used to permeate about women in writer's rooms as capuccino machines - "We already have one, why would we get another?" - and how that is slowly changing for the better.

Kaling at Sundance

IndieWire review

Deadline review

Vanity Fair review

Summary: The reviews for the film have been overall positive, saying that the film is funny, timely and heartfelt, taking on the sexism that pervades Hollywood without being preachy or dull. Critics note it doesn't break new ground, but that it doesn't really have to because it's still effective.

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Happy to see all the glowing reviews for this!
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