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James McAvoy talks to Men's Journal about a recent health scare and promotes SNL

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He almost died last April. He went in for a regular check-up, then had to do a lung biopsy and the would became seriously infected so he ended up spending three weeks in the hospital. Even after he recovered the doctors wouldn’t give him straight answers, when he told them that one of his abdominal muscles appeared to have gone missing after the surgery, they asked him: “Hmm, are you sure it was there before the surgery?” [What the fuck??]

• There have been a few major live events recently: his divorce from Anne-Marie Duff in 2016, the death of his mother in 2018 etc., and he admits that his illness really shook him up: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slagging off my industry. I love my job. But there’s got to be more balance.

• Balance means: more British movies (and less time away from home), possibly directing, only working with directors who possess a field marshal’s sense of what they want to achieve, never abusing his own or anybody’s else’s time. And it means, whenever possible, picking his kid up from school.


• On the attention he gets: “I mean, everything gets normalized after a while, but what you’ve got to do as it’s getting normalized is to remember that everybody just has their role to play. And even though I was the focal point this morning [at the photoshoot], that’s just my role. [...] It’s just because they’ve got you for such a small length of time. I think they think of you as sort of a flighty horse, almost. If you don’t treat it with fucking kid gloves, it’s going to buck and run away and you’ll never tame it. Because they’ve got a very finite amount of time to get a lot of content out of you. There’s a lot of internet to be filled up.

• “Sometimes, when I’m acting on set, I feel like I bare my soul and fucking reveal the deepest darkest truths of my upbringing, and I do what I think should be a nominated performance, and then they shout ‘cut,’ and I’m like, ‘Uh?’ You look at the crew, and everybody’s picking their nose or scratching their balls at that moment.


• He has agreed to play Cyrano de Bergerac, with Jamie Lloyd. (Who also directed him in Macbeth, Three Days of Rain and The Ruling Class.)

• He can afford to be pickier about the project he does now. (He made a lot from X-Men and also got a back-end share of the profits on Split, which took in nearly $300 million worldwide and cost very little to make.) “I’m lucky. I really don’t have to worry about money now, it would be all right if I didn’t work for a long time.”

• On the class ceiling and the fact that there a a lot of posh actors around: “it is a symptom of a bigger problem. While you’re developing as a human being, and while your eyes are being opened or kept closed to the rest of the world, there’s a certain group of people that are getting mind-expanding arts education and a bunch of people that aren’t, whether you become an actor or not, or a painter or whatever—it doesn’t necessarily matter. Because what it can give you is to make you a more rounded and more confident person.




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Will you be watching, ONTD?  And have you ever had a health scare that changed your perspective?
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