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Riverdale spinoff, The Lost Boys adaptation, and Nancy Drew land CW pilot orders

-ONTD, are you sick of Riverdale yet? RAS will be bringing you Katy Keene, which features a character of the same name in a musical dramedy as she attempts to make it to Broadway in NYC I wonder if they will try to ship Josie off with her?

-The Lost Boys will be an adaptation of the 80s teen vampire movie. Two teen brothers will move to California with their mother and be seduced into the dark vampire underworld. Is is too soon for a 2000s Twilight revival?
-Scandal writer Heather Mitchell is writing the pilot and Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars fame is the EP

-And perhaps the most exciting pilot of all, Nancy Drew will feature an 18-year-old Nancy who decides to take a year off after high school because a tragedy strikes
-Written by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage of The OC, Gossip Girl fame
-Lest we not forget the time CBS canned a Nancy Drew pilot because it was "too female"


This Nancy Drew pilot actually makes me excited for network television again
Tags: pilot / in development, reboot / remake / revival, riverdale (cw), television - cw

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