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Babar Suhail

The Good Place season 3 finale recap

The season 3 finale of The Good Place aired last night.

[Spoiler (click to open)]Last week, The Judge (Maya Rudolph) allowed Michael to run an experiment to see if all bad people can be turned good in the afterlife (like the main 4), if there are no distractions of the earth. The are given 4 people selected by Shawn from the bad place. Just as the first person is able to walk in Michael office, he has a breakdown.

This week, Eleanor takes Michael's place as the architect and meets their first test subject. Tahani realizes that he was a blogger he tortured her on Earth and they all realize that Shawn tricked them, and the 4 test subjects are people who our main 4 already know and are their personal hell.
We see that the 2nd test subject is Simone, Chidi's ex. Michael wipes her memory so that she doesn't remember Chidi, but Chidi realizes that he has to get a memory wipe too so the experiment isn't tainted. This would mean that he would have no recollection of him and Eleanor getting together.
Him and Eleanor has one last night together, where Michael shows them a video montage of their time together from all the reboots. The next morning, Eleanor, the architect, welcomes Chidi into "The Good Place".


what did you think of the finale, ONTD?
Tags: kristen bell, the good place (nbc)

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