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Jeremy Renner Is Such A Tease Part 3: More Avengers 4 Reshoots?!

Follow up to Hawkeye Is Such A Tease Part 2: Last Day of Avengers 4 Re-Shoots

Last September Jeremy Renner posted a sexy selfie on his last day of re-shoots on Avengers 4. This past week he posted another selfie, his hair once again rocking the Disconnected Undercut, declaring he was almost done on set (...again). Apart from Jeremy's handsome face (sadly his sensuous body is covered up by a big fleece coat) & some trailers in the background there are no clues at to what or where he was filming.

Is it possible the shoot is not for Avengers 4? Could it be for Captain Marvel?


ONTD, do you have to have a certain hairstyle or look for work?
Tags: actor / actress, behind the scenes, celebrity head shaving / hair, celebrity social media, jeremy renner, marvel, my body is ready, slow news day, the avengers, who asked for this

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