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Australian Pop Opera Queen Kate Miller-Heidke releases Eurovision nomination song

Ahead of the decision of who will represent Australia in this year's Eurovision, Kate Miller-Heidke has released her track "Zero Gravity."

Known for her unique blend of pop, folk and classical music, this song is right on brand for the award-winning opera singer, although definitely written for Eurovision's dramatic aesthetic. And of course it shows off her incredible vocal technique and high notes! (Why else would you send an opera singer to Eurovision?)

Kate says about the song that it "is a song about emerging from a depression. I went through a very low period after the birth of my son. The song tries to capture the feeling of coming back to life. I really wanted to write a song that seamlessly blends pop and opera in a non-cheesy way. It’s ultimately a very empowering and uplifting song to perform (as well as a very challenging one with its long high D flat! Why the hell did I put that in??!!).”

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ONTD, how ready are you for Eurovision?
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