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ONTD Original: The accusations against Bryan Singer (Part 1)

Bryan Singer has faced accusations of sexual abuse and assault since the 1990's. That hasn't stopped actors and actresses from working with him even after the 2014 allegations against the director. I compiled a list of the accusations against Singer throughout the years and those who still worked with him despite it all. The first part of this ONTD original focuses on the accusations.

the accusations

Back in the 90's, Singer was accused by Devin St. Albin of forcing him and the others to film a nude shower scene. At least five plaintiffs involved were minors and supported the claims against Singer. They also mentioned that they were bullied by the crew into stripping naked. The parents of Devin allege that this was done without their permission and that the wardrobe department instructed the boys to wear peach colored g-strings. Things changed once the boys were on set and were told to remove all of their clothing.

Back in 2017, a twitter user by the name of Justin Smith alleged that Singer sexually assaulted him. The tweets are now deleted but thank god for the internet. Here are the tweets:
I first met #BryanSinger in 2000. My boyfriend was one of his best friends, so I had many interactions with him. From the first time I met him, he was always on something. He also constantly hit on me, always asking me to show him my dick or ass. When I’d tell my boyfriend about this, he’d say “oh Bryan just gets playful when he’s high”. But we stopped dropping by his house at my insistence. We’d still bump into him at parties. He almost always had a “posse”. This was always him, 2-3 older 50-70 year old men who were obviously on drugs but still wearing their dress shirts & pants (he introduced them as producers) and at least 5 to sometimes 10 young men. I should really say boys, none of them could’ve been older than 16 or 17. They were all aspiring models/actors who were always doped up & partially naked. Bryan always made a point to tell me they were going to his place for a “private party” & asked me to come with them. I said no every time. This same scenario happened 5 times. Every time, the cast was different. Different gross old “producers”, different harem of boys. But every time, Bryan tried to convince me to join, offering me drugs, even offering me a bit part in X Men 2. One night, I asked him who these old men were, & he said “they have a lot of money”. I then asked who all these young guys were & he said, “does it matter?” & laughed. And I laughed back. Yes, I hate myself for it. I don’t really have an excuse. This same situation had played out so many times, & even though I knew what was happening was awful, I think part of me had resigned myself to the fact that this was Hollywood. Speaking out about this was unimaginable then. That same night, in response to all my questions, Bryan again asked to see my dick. I said no. He then asked to feel my ass. After hesitating, I relented, thinking he’d give it a quick squeeze. Nope. He quickly & very aggressively shoved his hand down my jeans & underwear and tried to shove his finger inside me. He had his other hand clamped on my shoulder so I couldn’t immediately move away. He penetrated me for a split second before I shoved him away. I said no, that I just wanted to go home. He said fine, but I’d better not tell anyone because no one would believe me anyway. I absolutely believed this, so I never said anything until now. I never went to any of Bryan Singers “private parties”, but I guarantee the stories of the young men who say they were raped are true. I witnessed the beginning of many of these nights. I wish I would’ve loudly objected to what I saw happening. I also wish I would’ve had the courage to speak out when he sexually assaulted me. It didn’t benefit me at all to stay silent, all it did was allow myself to become disillusioned & bitter. I hope telling this story helps. Not just me, but anyone else who’s struggling.

On December 7, 2017, another victim stepped forward. Cesar Sanchez Guzman alleged that Singer raped him back in 2003. Guzman stated that he was forced to perform oral sex on the director and raped him on a yacht.

- Michael Egan accused Singer of drugging and raping him in Hawaii after they met at several parties in the 90's. Egan stated that from August to Oct 1999, Singer flew him out to Hawaii where he repeatedly gave him drugs and raped him. Singer claimed he was not in Hawaii on those dates. Egan also accused Garth Ancier, David Neuman, and Gary Goddard of drugging and sexually abusing him as well. Egan later voluntarily dismissed his claims against Singer.
- An anonymous plaintiff accused Singer and Goddard of sexually assaulting him when he was a minor. The victim was 14 at the time when Goddard, 48, reached out to him. They began a "relationship" online and Goddard introduced the victim to Singer. Goddard and Singer invited the victim, who was then 17, to London to the premiere of "Superman Returns". They took him back to Singer's hotel room where they started to forcibly grab him. When he refused to comply, they brought someone in to beat him up. Singer then forced the victim to sit on him and masturbate. He also tried to rape him.

Recent allegations:
The Atlantic released an explosive piece where four more victims came forward and accused Singer of sexually assaulting them when they were minors. The allegations align with the ones throughout this post even if those lawsuits were dismissed against Singer. Victor Valdovinos also accused Singer of molesting him when he was 13 and was working on Apt Pupil. Valdovinos was using the restroom in the middle school where they were filming when Singer approached him from behind and remarked that he was "good looking". Singer mentioned wanting to hire him to be in the film. On a second occasion, Valdovinos was waiting in the locker room, in a towel, while they were filming. He stated that Singer popped in and was "always" touching his chest. He accuses Singer of reaching through the towel flaps, grabbed his genitals, and started masturbating it. Valdovinos stated that Singer came back throughout the day to molest him.

- In an interview with Vulture, Noah Galvin accused Singer of inviting little boys over to his pool and "diddling" them in the dark of night. Singer's lawyers intervened and Vulture ended up removing the quote by Galvin. It wouldn't be the first time Singer's team intervened. Articles about his alleged sexual assaults were being removed from the internet.

- Bret Easton Ellis also mentioned that two of his former partners attended underage sex parties hosted by Singer and Roland Emmerich. Emmerich has mentioned how they've had "scores" of twinks at the parties they've thrown together. He stated that Singer's NYE party would have 600-700 twinks "running around".

sources: my brain, harrys_headband + 1, 2, 3
Tags: feminism / social issues, film director, ontd original, violence / domestic abuse

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