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#JuliantinaSinCensura Televisa releases uncensored scene of first WLW couple in a Mexican telenovela

+ Valentina and Juliana (aka Juliantina) from "Amar a Muerte" made history last Monday by becoming the first lesbian couple to have a sex scene on national television in Mexico. (Note: Previously "Las Aparicio" featured the very first lesbian couple on a telenovela but it aired on cable television).
+ The Juliantina sex scene was actually very censored as shown here:

+ Barbara Lopez, who portrays Juliana, gave an interview today where she said that they had filmed an extended shower scene that was ultimately cut. Fans rallied on twitter to demand the release of the extra footage.

+ Televisa gave up and released the extra footage on youtube.

Disfruta de la escena completa donde #Juliantina consuma su amor.

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ontd, are you watching this telenovela?
Tags: latino celebrities, lgbtq / rights, lgbtq film / media, soap opera, television

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