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Star Trek Discovery - 2x02 Trailer, Sonequa Talks MLK Day, Anson Mount on Becoming Pike & His Dog

-Sonequa was inspired by the legendary Nichelle Nichols as a child - she did ST TOS at the behest of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, he told her "People need to see you, we need to see you. We need to see ourselves be in a position of authority like this. To be educated, to be intelligent, to be useful. We need to see this kind of productivity."
-Anson Mount is a self-proclaimed lifelong Trekkie thanks to his mum.
-He loves playing a captain who is equally as effective as Lorca, but doesn’t operate from a place of ego at all, but from extreme conviction and curiosity, calls him "almost egoless to a fault."
-Thinks Pike’s superpower is turning his bridge crew into a ‘larger brain’, and knows their value.
-Speaks about how his dog Mac passed recently (December), and at the time of filming he was very ill with degenerative myelopathy and lost use of his back legs: "they [the Disco cast and crew] really went out of their way to help me figure that out and how to get him to and from daycare and make sure he was looked after while I was on set. It meant an enormous amount to me."
-Also talks about Tig Notaro's connection to Alex Kurtzman and Trek, and Ethan Peck - read the interview basically!

Sources: Promo, Disco Twitter, Anson Mount Twitter, 2, 3

Discovery is back with their next episode TOMORROW, aka Friday for everyone not in the US, so tune on in, Discoteers! 🖖

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