miss red (lawofcosines) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
miss red

The Atlantic publishes the long-delayed Bryan Singer expose

- The Atlantic publishes the Bryan Singer expose that was originally set to be published by Esquire, but got canned because reasons.

- New details include cases from 1997 where Bryan Singer had sexual relations with young boys ages 15 and 17. The unnamed victims say Singer knows that they're underage and below the age of consent in California.

- It also mentions the series of lawsuits against Singer and the production of Apt Pupil for forcing underaged extras to strip naked for a shower scene.

- Victor Valdovinos, a 7th grade student and extra from 'Apt Pupil', reported that Singer grabbed his genitals and started masturbating him.

- More details are available @ the source

I'm glad Bryan Singer's expose is finally published. I hope every single one from the whole Hollywood hierarchy who knew and protected him will go down in embers with him.
Tags: discussion, film director, legal / lawsuit, sexual misconduct

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