rusty shackleford (numara) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
rusty shackleford

gina rodriguez on being labeled anti-black: "i know my heart"

- claims that the black community "was her community" because she grew up watching black television
- says she wishes that we weren't living in a culture based on "click-bait"
- says that she thinks that people believe that she only advocates for latinos who are her skin color, which she says isn't true, although her past actions says otherwise.
- mentions that the fallout from her antiblackness being reported on was a "dark time" for her and made her step away from social media

hilariously, despite saying that she's not antiblack, actually makes a point of mentioning that she got no push-back from the white and asian communities about her comments on pay disparities which she thinks is "interesting".

"my dad is afro-latino" is the new "my best friend is black"
to see more about gina's long history of antiblack messiness, check out the good sis pikapika217's ontd original: HERE

src one | src two | src three
Tags: gina rodriguez, latino celebrities, not today satan, pr training needed, you in danger

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