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Oscars retrospective: 🇲🇽 Mexican women nominated for best actress through history

Following the nominations for the upcoming Oscars and Mexican movie Roma actresses getting recognition for their acting on it. Here’s a small timeline of Mexican women getting acknowledged with a nomination for the most prestigious award in acting

-Katy Jurado (1952) first Mexican and Latin actress to be nominated as best supporting actress for her role in “broken lance”

-Salma Hayek (2002) first Mexican to be nominated for best leading actress and second Mexican woman to be nominated for an Oscar thanks to her participation in “Frida”

-Adriana Barraza (2006) nominated for her character in “Babel” to best supporting actress

-Lupita Nyong'o (2013) Kenyan-Mexican actress winning the best supporting actress Oscar for “12 years a slave”

-Marina de Tavira (2018) nominated for this year’s ceremony as best supporting actress for her work in “Roma”

-Yalitza Aparicio (2018) second Mexican actress to be nominated for best leading actress for “Roma”

Tags: award show - academy awards, award show - nominees / winners, latino celebrities, salma hayek

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