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Steven Universe Season 5 Finale

- The Steven Universe 5th season ended with an hour-long special, and allegedly a movie is coming in the fall, as well as a 6th season.

- There were moments, but for a VERY brief recap (and I recommend to watch it and not be spoiled if you've kept up with the show):

[Spoiler (click to open)]- As for the MAIN premise of the episode: Steven is eventually able to speak to White Diamond and convince her to fix the corrupted gems... that's it lol. Maybe they talked about not conquering worlds anymore?

- Steven had an out of body experience when his gem was momentarily removed by White. They realized that Pink was not present and that Steven was his own person.

- Steven got to fuse with Pearl and Garnet, and the whole gang formed Obsidian (the coolest part of the show and something I've always wanted to see omg).

- Everyone is back on earth. Peace, love, all that good stuff.

How'd yall feel about the finale?

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Tags: cartoon / children's show, cartoon network, spoilers

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