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ONTD Original: 10 New-New Jack Swing Songs in Recent Years

New-New Jack Swing in Recent Years

ONTD Original

Along with other sounds of the 90's, the Teddy Riley founded genre has been making waves in recent times where even kpop bands were recognized by Riley himself for his influence. From the color-blocking, the denim, the dancing, the beats... here are 10 acts who have been looking back to the genre for an upbeat and colorful vibe.

10. "Finesse" - Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B (2018)

Honored 90's aesthetics? Yes
THE hit everyone knows by now. Call him a wedding singer, a nostalgia artist, and maybe a little uncreative for not trying to put his own spin on it, but you can't deny this was a fun hit.

9. "1 of 1" - SHINee (2016)

Honored 90's aesthetics? Yes
These monochrome suits were cute, and the video's bold colors made a nice nod to the early 90's.

8. "Would You Mind" - PRETTYMUCH (2017)

Honored 90's aesthetics? Somewhat but not really
This post is a loosely based on their debut post where the genre was brought up. (their new single #BLiND is coming out on Friday)

7. "Be Without You" - KStewart (2016)

Honored 90's aesthetics? Not really but there is denim
This MNEK-produced song puts a fresh take on the sound.

6. "Private Show" - Little Mix (2016)

Honored 90's aesthetics? N/A
UK band Chex Mix did their thing on this bonus track which happens to be one of their best bops!

5. "Paradise" - S.E.S. (2017)

Honored 90's aesthetics? No
Who knew S.E.S. would make it in another post from me, BUT this epic 20 year anniversary comeback is lowkey an homage to their debut single "I'm Your Girl" from the sound, order of the member's appearances to the song, set design, and coordinating outfits.

4. "Not Enough" - Lido ft. THEY. (2017)

Honored 90's aesthetics? No
Lido has been very vocal about the influence of r&b (and gospel too?) in his music, but this video for "Not Enough" was quite different for him where he struggle dances doesn't add his signature production style, but makes a direct tribute to the genre giving you New Edition, Boyz II Men, and early Backstreet Boys.

3. "LADY" - EXID (2018)

Honored 90's aesthetics? Yes
The dancers in this video straight up were cosplaying the background dancers in TLC's "What About Your Friends" video.

2. "Sober" - Chic ft. Craig David, Stefflon Don (2018)

Honored 90's aesthetics? No

Craig David was more known as a late 90's/2000's artist, but did his take on the late 80's/90's sound with Nile Rodgers. Teddy Riley did his own mix of the song too.

1. "New Love" - Victoria Monet (2018)

Honored 90's aesthetics? Yes

As we should be shifting our attention to her, Victoria Monet did this stunning homage to janet. era Janet Jackson, sonically reminiscent to "That's the Way Love Goes" and Janet's iconic softer tones. A bit of the melody reminds me of "Let's Wait A While" too.

Are you vibin to new jack swing ONTD? Fav njs songs?

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