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AOC, Chelsea Manning and others appear on charity stream to help trans child support group

It all began with Graham Linehan (show runner/creator/writer IT Crowd, Black Books, Father Ted etc) attacking a trans child support group named Mermaids for receiving public funding in the form of the UK lottery fund.

He even got users on the website Mumsnet to mass email the lottery in an attempt to stop any aid from being provided to the support group and has made claims that the group gives "untested drugs" to children, despite the fact that it is a SUPPORT GROUP and not a clinic.

Anyway, people are obviously appalled at this disgusting transphobic behavior from a straight male hasbeen who claims to be doing this all to "protect women". Enter Youtuber and Twitch streamer Hbomberguy, who decided to stream himself playing Donkey Kong 64 until he reaches 101% completion while collecting money for the charity.

The stream began quietly but quickly picked up steam, attracting such verified big names to the voice chat as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Chelsea Manning and several game designers. Even Cher re-tweeted about it!

Grant Kirkhope, the original composer for Donkey Kong 64 showed up to provide support yesterday and said "Trans Rights" in a Donkey Kong voice and it OWNED:

Matilda's Mara Wilson stopped by the voice chat

Mythbuster's Adam Savage voiced his support

Host of PBS show Its Lit! Lindsay Ellis appeared on the voice chat

The official Glaad account

Out gay (confused him with someone else eek) Gay rights supporting former Bruins football player turned tabletop gamer (!) Chris Kluwe

In addition to these famous/political/industry people, the voice chat included trans men and women from around the world. Many spoke of the isolation they felt growing up and how much difference a support group would have made in their lives. OP teared up many times.

The stream is currently still going as I type this and has raised over $280,000! Edit: Stream is over and raised over 300k! Links:

the charity stream
Mermaids UK

A special treat for the Graham Linehan fans in the comments, a clip from the IT Crowd where a trans woman, played by a cis actress and repeatedly shown in a masculine way throughout the episode,gets beaten up

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OP is shook at the Youtuber and LPer and political worlds colliding! Also, I'm very sorry for any typos, I have been awake for almost 12 hours. I will add more celebs as they appear (!)

Tags: british celebrities, charity, lgbtq / rights, politics

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