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ONTD Original: Some Financial Scheming Docs You Can Stream Now

If you loved the rivaling documentaries from Hulu and Netflix focusing on the Fyre Festival and the exploration into white collar crime and want to find some more? Below are the trailers for financial misdeeds. Check some of these out if you can and feel free to recommend more!

Dirty Money (Netflix): A six-episode miniseries that deals with some of the biggest financial cons in history including Volkswagen defeat device scams, PharmaBro, HSBC’s cartel and terrorism funding, the biggest theft of maple syrup ever and the corrupt financial ties belonging to the current president.

Betting on Zero (Netflix): A doc that looks into the hedge funder Bill Ackman’s investigation into the pyramid scheme Herbalife, the bullshit wellness company that made money from direct sales and how the company preyed on some of most vulnerable people in the country: low-income, Latino communities.

All the Queen's Horses (Netflix): Sis stole $53 million by her damn self to fund her My Little Pony dreams, meanwhile she left the small city get neglected and go to shit. Yes, lean in ladies, we can do it too!

The China Hustle (Hulu): Investors look to China to grow their wealth and the wealth keeps growing, but what exactly are these overseas companies and are the Westerners being legit? Spoiler: they are not.

Enron – The Smartest Guys in the Room (Prime): This used to be on Netflix for the longest – sorry. But this was a great documentary that explored the flagrant corruption in the American energy company that filed what was once the largest bankruptcy in American history.

Kids for Cash (YouTube): This is possible one of the saddest cases. Two judges doled out exorbitant and pretty cruel sentences for kids. Their parents thought they were just practicing zero-tolerance to curb rebellious behaviors? The real motivation, the judges got kickbacks and commission on each child they sent to the privatized prison.

Too Posh to Pay (YouTube): This UK special displays how the middle class and the rich are really the ones responsible for the most theft. Shouts out to the woman who LOVED being a fugitive - like no shame.

Planet FIFA (Netflix): OP knows nothing about sports except for the awesome snacks involved so learning about this was a flipping doo-hooo-hooo-hooo-zy! This film explores the international corruption and the constant bribery and money making machine that was in the world of football. Apologies as I could not find a trailer for this.

For other sources of knowledge about white collar crime - check out the following podcasts: The Dream, Swindled, The Grift, Crimetown, and Criminal.

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