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James McAvoy about 'Glass' and The Future Of X-Men & 'It: Chapter 2'

• The initial hint that Split was a sequel was a lot more subtle in the script and James did not get it.

• There was a dance sequence in Glass, in which he sang a bit of Drake, but it had to be cut because Drake asked for too much money.

• Apparently James doesn't really care about music: "I'm just not big on music at all. I know, it's like a failing. The only time I ever really feel like I rely on music is when I'm tidying in the house, and I generally play the same playlist by Jamiroquai. Which is pretty great for tidying." (wtf, dude??)

• They talk a lot about Star Trek. James also does a quick Ian McKellan/Gandalf impression.

• About X-Men: Dark Phoenix: "It's gone back to what I've always loved about the X-Men, which is that the bad guys aren't bad guys, the bad guys are your family. The bad guys are your best friend, the bad guys your brother, the bad guys are someone who you completely understand and empathise with, so it makes their conflict a lot more interesting."

• He doesn't know if the X-Men can fold into the MCU: “One of the beautiful thing about the X-Men, one of the things that always strikes me [...] is, it has a parallel with disenfranchised. With people that have been ghettoised, with ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, with any kind of person that mainstream society is scared of. And there are large amounts of, they get pushed down, pushed off to the side of society and that's what the mutants represent. They're not the same necessarily as the handful of heroes that are regarded as demi gods. [...]"

Are you big on music, ONTD?
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