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Ariana Grande Non-Apologizes About Her Reposting Weave Joke

Some fans were calling out the flow and lyrical content of Ariana's latest single "7 Rings" - specifically with the lines "You like my hair? Gee, thanks! Just bought it".

Ariana reposted a joking post on her IG stories about how white women, like Ari, talking about getting their weaves would solve racism. It seemed as though Ari saw this as a validating and supporting statement, while people are debating that she's lacking awareness of the 'stariotypes' brought on actual black women who wear weaves.

She made and deleted a comment on Theshaderoom's Instagram, while also replying to her fans on Twitter about how her intention possibly came 'across the wrong way'.

After the "7 Rings" video and song dropped,, she hoped to divert the attention to her WOC co-writers:

PR training needed?

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Tags: ariana grande, celebrity head shaving / hair, celebrity social media, pr training needed, race / racism

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