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TV Academy Ends DVD Screeners, Oldheads Have to Learn How To Stream

  • Netflix screeners 3 years ago ended up being 20 pounds in total, costing the company an estimation of 4$m.

  • New Chairman (of the TV Academy) Frank Scherma says that after all the meetings across various branches, most people were in favor of doing away with screeners.

  • The TV academy charged 200$ per episode per peer group up to 2000$ per episode in studio mailiers, and most of the time studio mailers end up costing 1$m.

  • Screener sites can be made for less than 100k. While Hulu/Amazon/Netflix may have an edge (people know how to use those sites), others that depended on cable shows or DVDs may have to work harder to get out there to the tech-adverse, or by connecting to multiple network streaming sites like CBS All Access.

  • The effects kick in 2020.

Tags: award show - emmys, computers and technology, television

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