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ONTD Original Conspiracy: Has Lady Gaga Been STEALING from Sailor Moon Characters?

ONTD Original Conspiracy:
Has Lady Gaga Been Stealing from Sailor Moon Characters?

We've heard of the alleged Katy Perry and Katy Keene possibility which has been very convincing, but what if the same rings true to Gaga who might also be taking from fictional superhero legend Sailor Moon? We knew Gaga has kept an eye out on Geri Halliwell's antics to help push her career, so maybe it's not a far off idea people would steal from anime characters.

From the villains and main characters - here are 13 examples of Gaga taking cues from the TRUE guardian of the galaxy's show.

01. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon
Gaga (2011)

Sailor Moon and her iconic yard long pigtails (that's a ponytail on each side) was stolen in Gaga's runway walk at the 2011 Mugler fashion show.

02. Black Lady

Gaga (2011)

And on that same night, she switched it up to grab Electra complex-ridden Black Lady's look right down to the sweetheart neck top and sleeved layer. Nice try Gaga, we're keeping track. ✅

03. Princess Serenity

Gaga (2012)

It's a little TOO on the Italian nose that Gaga was touting herself around calling herself "Princess High", while also wearing this renaissance-styled Princess Serenity dress made by the late McQueen. Psychotic KLEPTO head thaT!

04. Sailor Neptune

Gaga (2011)

I love that lavender teal blonde especially from Michiru Kaiou.

05. Esmeraude

Gaga (2013)

06. Galaxia

Gaga (2009)

All that is original is not gold, especially this get up on the Monster Ball v1.0 taken from Sailor Galaxia.

07. Steering

Gaga (2011)

Not even her wacky Born This Way album cover is an original concept, with this Daimon Steering that embodied vehicle and woman. Gaga: a motorcycle hybrid of stolen concepts.

08. U-Pasokon

Gaga (2013)

Another Daimon U-Pasokon was a woman made from computer, featuring a monitor torso much like Gaga's 2013 iOS (innovating On Stealing) update with this iPad corset featuring the short-lived lackluster ARTPOP App.

09. Osoji

Gaga (2009)

Elephant headpieces: not even Dumbo would think this was fresh.
Collect your coin Osoji.

10. Cameran

Gaga (2011)

Pointed shoulder prosthetics ✅
One sleeve leotard ✅
Maybe this monster Cameran went and emailed Gaga giving her the blessing of using this very interesting yet very particular look?? [citation needed]

11. Artemis

Gaga (2014)

Gaga really went through the G.U.Y. era in a (human version) Artemis wig and all white ensembles huh?

12. Fiore

Gaga (2018)

Just because he wasn't in the original manga doesn't mean we have amnesia (no pun intended) to not see Gaga replicating Mamoru's gay + true lover Fiore's teal mullet for the #Enigma Vegas 2018 residency.

13. Hairbow

Need I say more? I mean there's probably a ton more examples, but I'm sleep.

What do you think ONTD?

sources: Sailor Moon Wiki, me
Tags: 1990s, anime / manga, conspiracy theories, fashion, lady gaga, ontd original, sailor moon, theft

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