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Roswell lifts off to good ratings for premiere

-Roswell, New Mexico a reboot/re-adaption started off its series run to pretty good ratings (for the CW). It premiered to 1.54 million viewers and a 0.4 demo rating, up from Black Lightnings ratings average this season 1.04/0.3.

-She first started hearing about talks about a reboot on the streets and went on to hear the pitch for the show. While there are plenty of nods to the original series this is more in line with the book series and they really went on to make it their own.

-She takes it as a compliment and is flattered that the OG Roswell was loved enough for someone to want to reboot the series.

-Wants fans of the original to give this new version a chance and be supportive.

-Will be directing the 9th episode of the series which is supposed to be a really big episode and something perfect for OG Liz to direct.

-Thinks that her Liz/Max probably have lots of kids nowadays while still running from Valenti.

-She fought for the show to explore real word bigotry and deal with what is going on in todays world.

-Didnt get any network feedback when refrencing Trump in the pilot but did get some pushback from the network about an upcoming Paul Ryan joke where they suggest that Ryan is an alien.

-In this version of Roswell, Alex is gay and Michael will be bi-sexual. There isnt enough bi representation so she wanted to make sure to include filled that gap.

-Didnt want the show to fall into the same old "bury your gays trope" though Alex/Michael wont have a happy ending and their relationship wont be an easy one.

-Max, Isobel and Michael relationship with one another is unhealthy and very co-dependent. The show will explore their connection and siblingship with one another.

-She originally had planned Nathan Parsons to play Michael but when they needed one more person to read for Max, she asked him to go in to fill the void and ended up loving him in the role.

No mention of Maria.

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