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Soulja Boy is at it again, says he “made” Drake and taught him everything he knows

Soulja Boy is trending and no, it’s not because SouljaGame.Com redirects you to Nintendo’s website. During an interview with The Breakfast Club, DeAndre claims that Aubrey “Drake” Graham copied him and that “he made” Drake.

“Draaaaaaake? Draaaaaaaaake. The n that got bodied by Pusha T? The n that hiding his kid from the world, but his world want to hide from the kid? Aubrey Graham in a wheelchair? Draaaaaake? Y’all better stop playing with me man. Y’all talking about the lightskin n from Degeneres [he meant Degrassi]. Stop playing with me. Stop playing me like I ain’t teach Drake everything he know. Y’all ain’t hear Drake on his first song?”

He goes on to rap/sing, “‘Tell me what’s really going on Drizzy Drake back in this thing already what’s hap—. That’s Soulja! That’s my bar. He copied my whole fucking flow. He copied my whole fucking flow. Word for word. Bar for bar. Don’t act like I didn’t make Drake.”

DeAndre is referencing his 2007 song “What’s Hannenin’,” which Drake interpolated for his 2010 song “Miss Me.” Just last week, Soulja took to Instagram to say he had the biggest comeback of 2018! Not Tyga.

Full interview

ONTD, do you agree or even care?

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Tags: celebrity feud, drake, interview, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), radio shows / radio celebrity

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