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James McAvoy visits Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert

• didn't realise Split was a sequel for quite a while
(he just thought the director was a bit weird for constantly bringing up his old movies)
• being a big fan of Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis as a kid/teen
• and about how Samuel L. Jackson calls out interviewers if their questions aren't up to his standards

• talks about Band of Brothers and about how many now well knows actors got their start on it
• and not realising that most of the actors weren't actually American (including Fassbender)

• he prepared 23 characters for Split, but they cut 3 of them, so they're only 20 in the film
• one of which he based on his memory of Saoirse Ronan at age 11
• they shot during the winter in Pennsylvania, and he had to be shoe and shirtless for most of it
• Stephen doesn't believe James actually got as fits as he looks / they argue about CGI
• he tried to act rabbit-like while recording Watership Down (and the producers weren't having it)

source: 1, 2, 3,
are your faves charming and talented but also really terrible at picking projects, ONTD?
Tags: james mcavoy, late night talk show, saturday night live (nbc), stephen colbert / the colbert report

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