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Black-ish Addresses Colorism

"Black Like Us" was written by Peter Saji, himself a bi-racial man with light skin.

It started with a simple annoyance about Diane being poorly lit in her school photo.
Diane's parents Andre and Bo open up a conversation about colorism within the African American community that turns explosive, personal and painful. 

There's historical context, about how slaveowners tended to put lighter blacks inside the plantation houses while dark skinned people worked in the fields, setting up resentments that would last for generations.
There is a discussion about how Latino, Asian and Indian people see similar favoritism towards lighter skinned people over darker skinned people in their communities too. 

The heated confrontations take place within the Johnson household itself.
Junior confronts Dre about his continued mockery of light-skinned people including Junior and his mom Bo.
Jr calls Dre out on the ways he perpetuates the notion that light-skinned black people are "less black" or more sensitive.
Ruby opens up about her own experiences with fair-skinned relatives who tormented her because of her complexion.
Diane points out that nobody is more impacted by the conversation than her, since she's the darkest in the family.

Tags: black celebrities, discussion, race / racism, television - abc

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