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Canadian Radio Station Apologizes for ‘Crude, Racist and Hateful Tweets’ From Hacked Account

A Canadian radio station apologized after its Twitter account was hacked and “racist and hateful” content was posted.
“As many of you know, our Twitter account was hacked late last night. While the group had access to it, a number of crude, racist and hateful tweets were posted. We at NEWS 95.7 sincerely apologize for the abhorrent content, and are working to ensure this does not happen again.”

The hacked tweet :
“URGENT NEWS ALERT: Justin Trudeau has ordered that all n—–s across the country be immediately and swiftly executed. 'They’re dirtying my country,’ says PM Trudeau,”

The hackers declared themselves working for the Twitter account @realiceposeidon.
This account belonging to popular YouTube personality Paul Denino. 
His fans have been known to cause trouble for him in the past.

Tags: canadian celebrities, celebrity social media, hacked, race / racism, radio shows / radio celebrity

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