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Riverdale Roundup: Cabaret Performance, Pussycats Update, Script Covers, and More

Josie performing at Veronica's speakeasy in the upcoming episode which is back from its winter hiatus


RAS goes back to spamming screencaps before this week's new episode.


Still wondering when the Pussycats will get their time in the sun? Well, keep wondering because RAS and the production team suck.

Asha had a mini AMA session and doesn't know when she'll ever be back on the show.

On a recent IG live of hers, she said that the production team called her and Hayley about filming this season AND THEN THEY CANCELLED

Otherwise, she's working on a book and has booked a role on a Netflix show though details are still under wraps.


RAS has posted two more script covers so as to be all caught up

3x14 - "Fire Walk with Me". Get ready for more traumatized Betty because that's definitely a brand new thing that no one is tired of

3x15 - "Fifty". Was formerly called "American Dreams" and then Skeet posted it. FP has a birthday party!


Haley Lu Richardson and her film co-star were at the Critics Choice Awards. Their movie comes out in March and they had early screenings of the film this past week


James Van Der Beek does the ten year challenge


the dumpster fire returns tomorrow
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