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Instagram girl has Supernatural fans shouting assault over kiss gone too far

The long running CW show Supernatural which has gained some sort of cult following of very devoted level of fans who are not afraid to show you exactly how passionate they are if they feel slighted in any way are shouting assault and other worrisome words. This past Sunday as actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were out enjoying a few drinks at some Vancouver bar a fan decided it was ok to ask for photos. Fans were ok with the photos, it was the video of a young woman(livlikar)and Jensen in which she dared and boldly gave him a peck on the cheek and made him try on her glasses. This...was not ok. As the screenshots below will show, fans were very confused, angry, calling the fan slurs, and some even resulted to quick fanvids edits of Jensen and Danneel (Jensen's wife).

Video that sparked a firestorm

tweets of fury

confusion over Jensen liking livlikar's insta post



The fanvid edits some made to defend Danneels' honor

Some say they have every right to dislike this girl and call for her head in due to her liking/commenting a shady insta comment someone left on her page saying he looks "more comfortable with her than his wifey".

So, ONTD were the fans justified in their outrage? Or was it just another day in the Supernatural fandom?

p.s btw this is my first post so sorry for any screw-ups.

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Tags: fandom / stan culture, jensen ackles, slow news day, supernatural (cw)

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