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Naomi Osaka gets an anime Make over for Nissin cup of Noodles CM ( Ah, the typical Japanese look)

Yes..that light skinned anime girl with brown hair is actually Naomi Osaka, drawn by the famous Mangaka (anime artist) Konomi Takeshi who brought you all Prince of Tennis which is like DBZ but rackets.

Mr. Konomi lends his talents to portray Naomi Osaka alongside Japanese Tennis Player Kei Nishikori train diligently for the Australian Open with some Prince of Tennis character cameos.

Now..lets time I checked...Noami Osaka was half black and it showed, but this has been an issue regarding the media always erasing Ms. Osaka's blackness.

So far there has been no comments from "Japanese netizens" about Naomi Osaki literally being 10 shades lighter, with lots of comments on twitter supporting Naomi and this commercial.

However, Brooklyn born expat Baye Mcneil who lives in Japan and advocates for the treatment of Black people over there, had some words to say about this commercial.

and ofcourse, we do have some users saying if Naomi has no problem with the CM its fine as well as Naomi isn't even "that dark".

I guess its safe to assume Mr. Konomi used the racial caricature comic from the match of Serena and Naomi for a color scale last year as a reference via this Australian artistCollapse ).

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Anime needs to collect itself cause I am tired of this crap...
Tags: asian celebrities, black celebrities, race / racism, sports / athletes, sports / athletes - tennis

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