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Kpop Post: The 25 best Kpop songs of 2018

(According to the OP)
Only title tracks, one song per group (including subunits)

25. UNI.T- No More

The girl group that came out of The Unit (filled with former and members of nugu groups) delivered a solid reggae jam with a provocative dance, sadly they got ignored by S.Korea but not by the OP

24. Gyeong Ree- Blue Moon
The leader of 9 Muses, makes her solo debut with an autotuned song, serving looks (with a problematic one in a wheelchair), choreography and men in high heels! (a true ally).

23. (G)-Idle- Latata
After Cube threw my girls CLC in the trash, they debuted new girl group (G)-Idle, that delivered a fun bop (with a sprinkle of culture appropriation) in Latata, Soyeon had the charisma and the talent to make them win several show titles. (Pop/Stars is one of my fave bops of the year too...but since it was a collab i didn't include it)

22. TWICE- What is Love?
Although "Yes or Yes" was also a fun bop, the music video for "What is Love?" is what won them a spot in this list. TWICE is too powerful (but they also need to take a freaking break)

21. GOT7- Lullaby
A bop, a choreography, and a decent song after a bunch of crappy title tracks (except Look)

20. LABOUM- Between Us

LABOUM ditched the cutesy image to give us a sensual bop. The choreography was on point and they're looking gorgeous in the MV. They didn't get a win for this song, but this improvement didn't go unnoticed.

19. ACE-Take me Higher
Rookie group ACE ditched the short shorts for crop tops in this comeback. The song was perfect for the summer and the MV was full of fun and colorful imagery.

18. Super Junior - Lo Siento ft. Leslie Grace
Super Junior really came through with this trilingual song that features miss Leslie Grace. Impressive how it features a lot of Spanish and not some random words here and there, and the beat fitted perfectly with all the Latin-inspired tracks that were released in the Summer.

17. IZ*ONE - La vie en rose
Produce 48 gave birth to one of the most successful groups to come out of idol-maker shows. "La vie en rose" is sweet and salty at the same time, the girls look stunning in the music video and the choreography is great.

16. Gugudan - The Boots
Gugudan were robbed of a win with this song, the intro, and the dance break are great, Sejeong steals all the lines but at least the girls look great! The Puss in Boots never looked better! Perfect song to drive around town!

15. SoRi- Touch

1/2 of Cocosori shined on her debut as a soloist with track "Touch", delivering fun choreography, vocals and a cool vibe. SoRi shines in her solo debut (creating jealousy of bandmate Coco, and a mess after it). The video is fun and flirty (a little pervy at times) with a weird Ariana Grande reference/ripoff in the middle.

14. BoA - One shot Two Shot
She might've walked upside down in "Woman" but the chorus of this song is what sold me...wait was "Cameo" released in 2018 too?

13. GWSN - Puzzle Moon
This "4 walls" inspired track came out of nowhere, the glossy and high-quality music video is top notch and the choreography is fun.

12. Key - Forever Yours ft. Soyou
SHINee's Key gave us one of the best albums of 2018 (those are the facts)

11. Pristin V - Get It
Underrated track, with probably one of the best bridges in pop history.

10. SF9- Now or Never

OP wasn't aware of this group, but after listening to "Now or Never", we stanning. The chorus hits you in the face, and that guy with the sexy deep voice? swoon!

Made me a Chuu/Yves stan, it's just a freaking fun song, and although I did love "Hi High", YYXY takes the cake.

8. NCT 127 - Baby Don't Stop
Taeyong is probably the sexiest man in Kpop, his vocal fry, and smooth moves sold this track like no other NCT 127 song.

7. Sunmi - Siren
Trying to decide which Sunmi song to pick for this spot was hard, but "Siren" was the winner. The MV is corky and sexy just like Sunmi, and the styling was magical!

6. Red Velvet - Bad Boy
Visuals! Looks! Choreography! Joy looking like a snack! Irene being gorgeous! Seulgi being badass! Yeri being cute! and Wendy... also that gay-baiting. A true BOP!!

5. APRIL- Oh my Mistake!

After being ignored for cutesy, cookie cutter concepts, April came back swinging with an edgier look and a corky sound. The music video is all nostalgia but the track is amazing, but that unexpected break is the true star!

4. EXO - Tempo
Kai in a crop top, Lay's cameo, and that acappela delivery out of nowhere? ICONIC

3. APINK- I'm so Sick
Girls changed their concepts to give us this amazing song. Naeun's visuals are in another level and although the MV might be a little basic, the track is one of the best APINK's title tracks ever.

2. Hyolyn- See Sea
Sistar's disbandment left me devastaded, but Hyolyn picked up the slack and gave us the song of the summer. The instagram filter on the MV, the choreography and those power vocals are clear examples of why Hyolyn is a power house.

1. Momoland - Bboom Bboom / Pentagon - Shine

This tie is because there was a lot of factors with both of the songs to occupy the first spot. Momoland's track remains iconic, not only was it played all year long, but it also made JooE a true star! We love a success story about Nugu groups winning (even if accused of cheating) Momoland beat the odds and became viral! an incredible achievement.

Pentagon's "Shine" made me fall in love with the blush/sunburnt look that E'Dawn had, as well as made me fall in love with the band. The song is great, the mv is really cute and all the members bring something special to the table. Sad about the outcome of E'Dawn's faith in Cube, but no one can deny that Shine is one of the best Kpop songs released in the last couple of years.

ONTD, im ready to get dragged for not including your faves (or for my crappy writing)
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