Chrissy Teigen goes after dietary supplement Keto Fit Premium for using her with false endorsement

Chrissy Teigen took to social media to slam and disassociate herself from a dietary supplement called Keto Fit Premium that’s often advertised on SnapChat. The company used her to run a false story claiming that she lost her pregnancy weight using their product. She adds, “whatever KETO FIT PREMIUM is, I will sue the shit out of you. Stop making up interviews about your shit product with fake celebrity endorsements. we have reached out and you're still going?? fuck you,” writes a frustrated Teigen.

According to their website:

What is Ketofit Premium?
This is a dietary weightloss supplement uniquely formulated and produced to help individuals burn calories, lose fat, and therefore, lose weight. The formula of Ketofit Premium achieves significant weight loss results by kick-starting and maintaining ketosis.

They go on to claim that, “it can be used by any person, whether or not they are on the Keto diet.”

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