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Lucas Hedges talks about Timothee Chalamet, his brother Simon, Instagram


Lucas Hedges at only the age of 22 has already established himself as one of Hollywood's esteemed young actors. In an exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal he discusses a variety of topics including his family's extensive history with addiction, insecurities and doubts as an actor, growing up, Timothee Chalamet, sexuality, his short stint in acting school & more.

Key notes/excerpts from WSJ article:

More photos at the original source

On Timothee:
“I do think about why there isn’t, like, a River Phoenix or somebody who I experience as being magical and ethereal and culturally historical,” Hedges says before pausing and admitting, “I do actually experience that with Timothée.”

Celebs who have heaps of praise & followers on social media:
“In my best moments, I feel compassion for that—I think that’s really dangerous and I wouldn’t know how to handle it,” he says. “In my worst moments, deep jealousy.”

His brother on his reputation for playing troubled teens:
“My brother gives me a lot of shit for it, actually,” Hedges says of his roles. “He’s like, ‘Most people in the world aren’t going through what your characters are going through.’ ”

-Talks about trying to find himself through different relationships while growing up
- Feels inadequate about his short stint in acting school, didn't receive the praise he thought he would & then was more confused when Manchester came out
- The article mentions/ addresses his previous statements about his sexuality
- Mentions Shia Labeouf & upcoming movie Honeyboy
- How addiction has affected their extended family



**Apparently, he and Timmy hooked up during high school days?** can any1 confirm?
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