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Marie Kondo Responds to Book Twitter Debate

Follow-up to this post

On January 8, Marie Kondo had a Q&A via translator at 92Y and was asked about the fierce debate happening on twitter involving getting rid of books.

The question is asked at around 40:15 in the video

"I love that actually because the point of the KonMari method is to figure out your sense of value. 'What do you hold most important?' So if you're angered -- if your action is anger that you have to let go of books then that's great because that means for you books are invaluable.

The idea is that if it sparks joy in you, you must keep it. Even if I go over to your home, and I say, 'Do you really want to keep this book?' If it sparks joy for you, keep it with confidence.

But in terms of the difference in reaction between Japan and the West, in Japan when I was tidying with my clients, some clients who had a LOT of books -- of course in Japan there's a lot more moisture, it's a very moist climate, the books would be really really harmed physically by the dampness -- so I think climate has a lot to do with my approach."

Other highlights

-"Tidying is not about looking for things to discard. But rather about things you want to keep in your life. Things that you want to cherish. Things that you love. Those are the things that I should be selecting."

-She lives in the US now which they joke about being more cluttered because "Americans houses are so big". Also talks about cultural differences in that her suggested method of thanking items for their use is accepted as natural whereas Westerners think that's odd.

-Watched Queer Eye in preparation for her show in order to sort of recreate the lessons she passed on to clients

-In regards to tidying things that belonged to a loved one that's passed away. "Belongings of our loved ones are so important to us. If you're not ready in your heart, then my suggestion is that you're not ready yet to start tidying yet. There's no need. It's important to focus on your own belongings and and organize your heart and organize your thoughts first and then consider how you'd like to proceed with your life. There will be a day where you're ready to tidy their things. "


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