Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson cover Entertainment Weekly to promote MIB: International

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson cover this month's EW. In the article, they discuss their memories of the original Men in Black series and if they have any theories about extraterrestrial life.

Memories of the Men In Black Series
Chris: "The shot that’s sort of iconic to me from this whole franchise is Will running through the street in that initial pursuit, which was just such a great way to introduce that character."

Tessa: "The theme song really [brings back] memories of dancing to that and mimicking what happens in the video. And probably also the slime — I just remember when the aliens die, the way they do it in that sort of Technicolor. That neon slime and probably Will Smith being catapulted in various ways are it for me."

Do they believe?
Chris: "Yeah, I think it’s naïve to think there’s nothing else out there — that we’re alone in the universe... On a how could there not be level, a pure sort of small scientific understanding of it, I think there has to be something else."

Tessa: "Yes! Maybe not in the way that they’re depicted in movies like this one, but this idea that there is some other sort of life...Playing a character like Molly, who is, like, full-on X-Files Mulder’ I want to believe,’ has had me thinking about it a lot more."


ONTD, do you believe in life on other planets? Or that there really is a Men In Black secret organization?