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Alleged R. Kelly Victims Acknowledge Gaga's Apology

- While a criminal investigation may be reopened, Asante McGee and Lizette Martinez from the docuseries Surviving R. Kelly recall their encounters with R. Kelly, describing him as 'dismissive' of women and children, and an abuser. Martinez was only 17 when she believed Kelly would offer mentorship in a musical career.

- Yesterday Lady Gaga posted an apology online amidst the release of the docuseries in reference to her 2013 collaboration with R. Kelly, calling the collaboration indefensible and expressing she stands by the survivors of sexual assault. McGee appreciated Gaga's words saying "I actually smiled. I was like, 'thank you'" while Martinez added "that was really powerful of her."

- McGee was invited to live with R. Kelly for a month only to enter a nightmare, but believes his time is finally up and that he'll have to face the music.

- Just last night, R. Kelly celebrated his 52nd birthday with many adoring fans gathered to his event.

Tags: apology / damage control, lady gaga, r kelly, sexual misconduct

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