Chris Pratt is doing the Daniel Fast: 21-day diet of Prayer and Fasting based on the Bible

Like Daniel of the Old Testament, he's allowed to eat only food grown from seed and drink only water:
- Fruits and vegetables
- Whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds
- Tofu and soy products
- Vegetable oils, salt, vinegar, seasonings, herbs and spices
- WATER (spring, distilled, other pure waters)

He must absolutely avoid:
- Meat and animal products
- Dairy products (milk, cheese, butter, and eggs...which are not actually a dairy product?)
- Sugar, honey, agave, stevia, syrups
- Leavened bread and baked goods
- Refined and processed foods (artificial flavorings, preservatives, white rice, white flour)
- Deep fried foods (chips, freedom fries)
- Solid fats (margarine, lard)
- Coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, alcohol

Source + Daniel Fast *approved* food lists