Future Gives Nonsensical Response About R. Kelly Abuse Allegations

Prime sperm donor and subpar father, Future has weighed in the on the growing spotlight on R. Kelly and allegations that he holds young black girls and women in his properties without them being able to contact their families. Some child’s father was interviewed on Los Angeles’ Power 106 when the host, J Cruz, asks him about the Lifetime documentary, Surviving R. Kelly. Nayvadius responds: “Who is that? I thought we had forgot about that?” Ummm… Ciara’s sperm donor worked with Kelly on four separate occasions that OP knows of in 2012 and 2013. Future has a duet and produced three tracks on Kelly’s album Black Panties. It all flopped.

Future thinks too many people are talking about it. Yes, yes deadbeat dad, survivors are finally getting their due and their platform to speak about what they have endured and people are starting to pay attention, but Future thinks it’s too much because Kelly’s streaming numbers have gotten a bump.

“We giving it too much attention, you know what I’m sayin'... When you give things too much attention, they blow up. That’s why he gon’ blow up. That’s why his music gonna do what it did ’cause y’all keep talkin’ about it. Stop talking about it, it’ll go away.” Future thinks this should all be done behind the scenes. Sounds like someone is scared about having to answer about those collaborations.

Look! I know y’all tired, I’m tired, but damn it – until Raggedy Kelly’s world crumbles, ya gotta keep calling out the folks helping to protect his musical legacy.