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BTVS comic reboot to reveal major Hellmouth twist

-In the new BTVS comic, they are throwing caution to the wind and plan on revealing a major twist regarding the Hellmouth.

-It also appears that they are embracing the modern twist by turning Xander into a vlogger.

-In a major change from the tv show, they are de-aging Robin Wood (who in the original was son of an 70s Slayer, Nikki Wood, killed by Spike). Teen Robin is being described as “the captain of the Sunnydale Field and Track team - a model student and high school heartthrob with a mysteriously broken wrist. But when Robin meets Buffy and the Scooby Gang, some fists (and sparks) might just fly before they discover the truth about each other...and how they need to work together to save Sunnydale.”

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Tags: #4, buffyverse / whedonverse, comic books, reboot / remake / revival
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