Academy's planning a huge Avengers reunion at the Oscars in lieu of a host

The Academy - after weeks of being a fucking mess regarding now-ousted Kevin Hart - is now looking for other ways to generate interest in this year's Oscars. According to THR they're scrambling to get all of the actors who played Marvel's Avengers on screen together, or throughout the show.

So rather than have one host introduce presenters and such, they'll have a rotating line of celebs to do this - cue the Avengers. The Oscars' producers are currently begging stars from the Avengers saga - from Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson, etc etc to get on stage - NOT as presenters, but to present the presenters, segments, performances, and more.

No word on if this'll work, but as the Oscars are telecast on ABC (owned by Disney who also owns Marvel and everything else), it's probably some contractual garbage and this may happened. Stay tuned.