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Gordon Ramsay touches and makes sexual comments towards Sofia Vergara in resurfaced video

Chef Gordon Ramsay, 52, is facing major backlash online after his 2010 appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno resurfaced online. In the clip, Ramsay is seen repeatedly making sexual comments to fellow guest and actress Sofia Vergara and inappropriately touches her thigh. Vergara tells him, “no touching!” At one point in the interview, she tells Ramsay that this is her interview and not his. He then proceeds to sit even closer to her by sitting in her chair after that remark.

Jay Leno is no saint either, in the clip the former Tonight Show host asks her how much weight she gained while on vacation.

The Modern Family actress seemed to take offense at the question, asking, “What kind of question is that?” She then says, “A couple of pounds. It's ok, I was on vacation! Nobody is perfect, Jay.”

Ramsay, Vergara, and Leno have yet to respond to the resurfaced clip.

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Tags: food network / cooking show stars, gordon ramsay, interview, late night talk show, men are weak, sexual misconduct, sofia vergara, viral

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