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Bachelor fans are already fed up with the show's virgin jokes

The latest season of The Bachelor premiered this past Monday night with a THREE HOUR episode. The newest bachelor is 26 year old Colton Underwood, a "former NFL player" whose virginity has become the producers' obsession.

For some reason, the producers of the premiere episode thought that 1) fans would want to watch live viewing parties around the country with former contestants as correspondents; and that 2) we'd want to hear virgin jokes and references for 3 hours. To the surprise of no one, fans wanted none of those things and took to social media to complain.

Numerous women, vying for Colton's heart and instagram sponsorships, referenced his virginity when meeting him. One of them (who knows what her name is tbh) even popped a "cherry" balloon (it was clearly an apple) upon meeting Colton for the first time.

(Note the time of his tweet... less than 25 minutes into the episode)

Fan responses to the show:

Good point:

Former show contestants were also expressing their disapproval:

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This season is already exhausting.
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