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ONTD Original: The floppy year of Steve Carell

People may be thirsting for Steve Carell these days, but lately, his looks seem to be all he has going for him. Since leaving The Office, Steve has moved towards more dramatic roles and the results have been.... eh. Sure he got an Oscar nomination for Foxcatcher (a good movie dont @ me), but its been mostly flops. Especially this past year. Lets take a look at all the pretty poor career choices of our old pal Steve:

-- This actually came out in 2017 but that last flag was surely flying and bright ass red!! The Richard Linklater drama was a complete non-starter. Premiering at the NY Film Festival, the drama received pretty okay reviews (65 on Metacritic) but flopped big time at the box office, barely grossing $1 million worldwide! More people have talked about Linklater's next film, Where'd You Go Bernadette?, this past month than during the entirety of LFF's release window.

-- This real-life story about a father dealing with his son's drug addiction is another festival film met with average reviews (63 on Metacritic). Steve tried but none of his big dramatic moments worked and all praise went to Timmy instead. The film made $9.7 million worldwide on a $25 million budget. Fun fact: Steve's ex in the film is Amy Ryan aka Holly from The Office. Not the reunion I bet fans were expecting. Also PSA don't do drugs.

-- A WWII pilot loses his memory and creates a fictional doll village to deal with his PSTD. Anyway, the film completely bombed. Critics called it off-kilter and ill-advised, giving it a 40 on Metacritic. Audiences didn't care for the film either, grossing an awful $4 million during the Christmas 5-day weekend. Universal originally planned to spend $120 million(!!!) to promote the film but slashed it in half after test screenings went so poorly. The studio is still expected to lose $50+ million on the film. The documentary the film is based on, Marwencol, was much better received and it probably worth more of your time.

-- The movie based on the devil himself, Dick Cheney, is completely insane. One of the worst is Carell's performance as Donald Rumsfeld. Completely over the top to the point of parody, even if it's an accurate portrayal. The film has an average score on Metacritic (61) but has been very divisive. Still hasn't stopped award voters from nominating it. Maybe the Razzies will do the same for Steve. As of today its made $30 million at the box office.

So what do you think of this flop year ontd? Should he go back and do an Office revival now?

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