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ONTD Original: Fans Accuse Youtuber Taylor R's Husband of Running Sketchy Site

Fans of youtuber Taylor Richard, an ex-model turned vlogger from Canada, discovered that her husband (Tom Lip, commonly referred to as 'Elbow-San' by her fans) owns a company called 'MensClub.' On the surface, this page appears to be a generic Maxim style website for men in Hong Kong. However, it was soon noticed that there was section for girls 'under-18', a feature called 'Schoolgirls that we fxxed', and a mysterious 'private zone.'[Spoiler (click to open)]

Translation of this page, according to one fan:

In the past, Taylor has worked with Mensclub (The archived copy of an interview she did with them, a post from MensClub fb page of an event she did with MC, and a screenshot of a vaguely suggestive photo of her from the same page) so she is fully aware of the business.

MensClub also recently featured an article discussing a 13 year old swimsuit model on their page. The photos are taken from her instagram, but I will let the translation of the text provided by one user speak for itself. [Spoiler (click to open)]

Some fans took to instagram to question her husband, and he became defensive before deleting many of his replies. [Spoiler (click to open)]

Taylor has yet to comment on the subject.

Sources: A B C
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