Marie Kondo's Advice on Decluttering Books Sparks Debate Among Bibliophiles

Not everyone is in love with Marie Kondo, whose recent Netflix series just dropped a few days ago. In particular, the sixth step in Marie Kondo's KonMari method for decluttering has struck a nerve for some book lovers. According to her sixth step when tidying up, one should "Ask yourself if it sparks joy". This idea has upset some people.

The most infamous being from this author Anakana Schofield who sparked the debate and then went on to write a Guardian article that missed the point.

Vanity Fair writer Joanna Robinson also expressed horror at the thought of tossing ANY books

And then there were the takes making fun of some of the outrage.

Author Sam Sykes

Cartoonist/Illustrator Jamie McKelvie

YA author Phil Stamper

Poet/Writer Amal El-Mohtar

And then there were the humble braggers showing off their space

Showrunner of Showtime's Billions humble bragging about his giant bookshelf after having culled some of his collection.

Where are you on the book issue?
How's your decluttering going?