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ONTD Original: Did Psychic 2018 Celebrity Predictions Come True?

People love reading predictions for the new year, but does anyone go back and fact check those predictions? Let's see what famous psychics predicted for 2018 and see how their predictions stacked up with reality.

From psychic Paula Roberts:

Prediction: Harry and Meghan announce pregnancy - a boy - in August.
Reality: True-ish. Harry and Meghan announced Meghan's pregnancy in October. No word on the gender.

From psychic John Cohan:

Prediction: Caitlyn Jenner makes a movie.
Reality: False. A couple of TV appearances, but that's it.

Prediction: J.Lopez marries A.Rodriguez. Short lived. Forget anniversary cards.
Reality: False. They still seem to be going strong.

Prediction: David Duchovny. New young girlfriend. New TV series. So, newly happy.
Reality: False. He really only had the X-Files going on in 2018. He is dating a younger woman, Monique Pendleberry (24), but it looks like they got together in late 2017. Is he happy? Who knows!

From psychic Frank Andrews:

Prediction: Tom Cruise gets close to an Academy Award.
Reality: Mostly false. Mission Impossible: Fallout is his only actor listing on IMDB for 2018. Interestingly, I did find a few articles arguing that he should be nominated for an Academy Award, but it's not looking likely. Mission Impossible may be up for some technical awards.

Prediction: Taylor Swift settles on one guy.
Reality: True, but not new. She was with Joe Alwyn through all of 2018, but they've been together since 2017.

Prediction: Brad and Angelina find love - but not with each other.
Reality: Probably false. Brad was linked with two women in 2018: Neri Oxman, an MIT professor and Sat Hari Khalsa, a "spiritual healer". Angelina has been linked to "a British billionaire."  In love? Who knows.

Depressing Lightning Round: Predicted celebrity deaths in 2018 from Death List
Kirk Douglas: Alive (102)
Billy Graham: Dead (100)
Betty White: Alive (96)
John McCain: Dead (82)
Stan Lee: Dead (96)
Bob Barker: Alive (95)
Jimmy Carter: Alive (94)
George Bush Sr.: Dead (94)
Dick Van Dyke: Alive (93)
Sean Connery: Alive (88)
Olivia Newton-John: Alive (70)

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

What are your predictions for 2019?

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