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Young Justice creators talk bringing the show back from the dead

-When it came to YJs possible comeback showrunners Greg Weisman, Brandon Vietti, and lead character designer Phil Bourassa all had different thoughts on the matter.

-Vietti was very pessimistic that the show would return after 6 years being off air while Bourassa had full faith that they'd return to the show one day. Weisman was down the middle, he left DC/WB and was able to focus on other projects but was aware of how big the fandom was and wouldnt be surprised if they got to return to it one day.

-Weisman found out 10 days before it was publicly announced that WB would bring the show back which lead to the long wait between announcing the shows comeback and it finally airing.

-Now that they are not on Cartoon Network it gave them a greater sense of freedom as they were no longer beholden to broadcast standards or network standards but they wanted to make sure that the freedom didnt make them jump the shark.

-One of the best things about being on a streaming service is that they are allowed to have varying degrees of episode run times. While they wont be an hour or 2 hrs they are able to vary between 22mins-25mins if need be.

-Season 3 will primarily focus on The Outsiders which include Nightwing, Superboy, Tigress, Black Lightning, Geoforce, and Halo. The Outsiders are inspired by Mike Barr and artist Jim Aparo comic run on Batman and the Outsiders.

-Apokolips and the Fourth World will be featured in S3.

-The third season of YJ has premiered to a 100% Rotten Tomato score! with 6 critic reviews and 49 audience reviews.

-YJ:O started off with a bang where do to new policies placed on the JL, certain members up and quit leaving the YJ universe divided.

-Batman leads some of the heroes to up and quit and takes their side kicks along with them. Batwoman, Plastic Man, Katana, Green Arrow all follow suit at the surprise of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Black Canary.

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